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About our mission

Noticing a rise in Hair Loss in younger adults, I am dedicated to helping those with Hair Loss issues, Alopecia, Male and female pattern baldness and those who have been through chemo.

Regain your confidence.

Check out my hair loss treatment products XTC hair Products and Human Hair, Custom colored WIGS.


If you are serious about stopping your hair loss you owe it to yourself to have a 30 min consultation with me. I offer mobile consultations as well if you prefer the privacy of your home.

Here is how it works: Call first and I will email you a consultation questionnaire to help determine the cause of your hair loss.


During the consultation I do an in depth scope which will determine the condition of your scalp, follicle, density of hair /cm and cuticle condition.


Once we determine the best solution for you, you then come back every 3 months for a follow up analysis to see the progress of the program.


If you are in need of a wig, I offer a variety of those as well.

I can customize the color and hairstyle to match your natural look so no one will know you are wearing a wig.


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